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Metal Treatment Concentrate (MTC). Engine Treatment for RV’s, Trucks, Heavy Duty and High-Performance Vehicles

Xtreme Eco Lube (formerly Mach 3 Xtreme Lube) is a major scientific breakthrough in micro-lubrication technology. An additive product that is the ultimate lubricant enhancer because it coats all metal surfaces with an ionized micro-layer of oil molecules and, through a metallurgical process, forms (from the original metal) a durable polished-like micro-layer of hard metal that dramatically resists wear, extreme pressure and excessive temperatures.

Xtreme Eco Lube is applicable to all gasoline and diesel internal combustion engines. Great for:

  1. All cars, trucks, motorcycles, and diesel trucks
  2. Buses, RVs 
  3. Construction equipment and generators
  4. Other off-highway applications
  5. Diesel marine engines (ships & yachts)
  6. Trains
  7. Mining equipment
  8. Farm machinery
  9. Two-cycle engines

Direct Benefits For Your Engine

  • Eliminates up to 90% of engine wear (may double or triple engine life)
  • Cuts oil change / maintenance intervals by 60%
  • Keeps engine completely clean
  • Contributes to lower fuel consumption
  • Lowers operating temperatures and noise level
  • Protects engine across wider range of temperatures
  • Protects engine against excess wear at cold start or in the event of total engine oil loss