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R&D and custom engineering

Long before International Eco Fuels developed into a world class chemical engineering company, Mr. Rique Ford began engineering and developing chemical formulas that would help him have a competitive edge in his motorsports racing career.  Driven to be the best, Rique’s criteria was more stringent than any certification laboratory or governmental mandate about efficacy or efficiency because his life depended on the performance results.  Each product he created and developed had to pass tests much harsher than the regulatory bodies that govern them.  He went on to win three national championships in open motorboat racing and break three world speed records in open water racing.

Rique and his team use the same winning criteria today when asked by a customer to design and engineer a sustainable chemical solution: listen, communicate and collaborate.  Once the prototype is ready for testing, the team puts it through tests internally that validate the claims, marks and patents prior to regulatory validation and certification testing.  

Customer service is emphasized with great importance throughout IEF, and IEF is proud to go above and beyond what is expected when delivering custom engineering services.  With passion, purpose and perseverance anything can be accomplished. 

"If you never walk except where you see another person’s tracks, you will make no new discoveries for yourself."