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corporate responsibility


We believe that as individuals and as a company we have a responsibility to our customers and communities to treat everybody with respect, communicate honestly, take time to listen, and to always participate passionately.  Together we can improve our products, enhance our quality assurance, grow our charity, and secure a bright future for generations to come.


 Be Accountable 

 Be a Good Steward 

 Do What’s Right, Not What’s Easy  

 Driven to Be the Best 

 Have a Gratitude Attitude 

 Innovate / Create / Execute 

 Inspire Excellence 

 Make a Commitment / Keep a Commitment  

 Positive / Can Do / Make it Happen Attitude


We strive to protect our employees, our customers and our planet by creating eco-friendly products, reducing our personal and corporate carbon footprint, and being good neighbors and stewards of our environment and planet. 


International Eco Fuels, Inc. is committed to giving ten percent (10%) of its total net profits annually to humanitarian causes throughout the world where IEF’s values of Advancing Environmental Stewardship can make a significant impact in people's lives, health, safety and the environment.