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Eco-Proven is 100% biodegradable and 100% guaranteed

Eco-Fuel™ Saver is the global answer to a deadly problem.  We have experienced six straight years of increased carbon dioxide emissions worldwide with no sign of it slowing down, and air pollution is the fourth biggest risk to human life, but Eco-Fuel™ Saver can change those statistics dramatically.   

Combustion engines rule the world with over 5 billion in operation and account for over 70% of today’s environmental pollutants. Eco-Fuel™ Saver is the only certified and proven Fuel Additive Product that can effectively change the global trends we are facing. Eco-Fuel™ Saver's unique ability to restructure hydrocarbon molecular chains dramatically reduces all toxic petroleum emissions. This includes the major pollutants of nitrogen oxides (NOX), diesel particulate matter (DPM), hydrocarbons (HC), carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2). 

Eco-Fuel™ Saver will immediately decrease emissions with reductions ranging from 10-20% in newer gas engine applications to 80% in some older engine applications, over 40% in diesel engines (trucks, trains, ships), and over 60% in all coal fired power plants, while fuel efficiency increases up to 30%, depending on the age of vehicle, model, engine type, etc.  

Eco-Fuel™ Saver not only can save lives and our planet by cleaning up the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat, but your mileage goes up, and your maintenance costs go down, saving you the consumer and Mother Earth at the same time. 


IEF continues to develop chemical additives for hydrocarbon fuels (gasoline, diesel, kerosene, liquid propane gas, bunker, etc.), which increase fuel combustion performance and efficiency, along with lubricant additives for power systems that help combust hydrocarbon fuels more completely. The chemical formulations for these additives are customized for the application, allowing high performance for each specialized application. The company’s primary products help reduce greenhouse gas (“GHG”) emissions.

For a complete overview on Eco-Fuel™ Saver, please download our PowerPoint Presentation below, watch the following Testimonial Videos, and review our marketing material from over the years ...


youtube videos

Why ECO-FUEL SAVER (2:55 min)

Introduction to ECO-FUEL SAVER (1:09 min)

EPA approved ECO-FUEL SAVER (1:52 min)

High Performance Corvette Test (8:10 min)

2001 Audi ECO-FUEL SAVER Test (14:58 min)



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