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International Eco Fuels, Inc began as a dream 50 years ago in a little boy’s heart.  Most children’s dreams and aspirations include being brave, saving lives, or wearing a uniform.  Young Rique Ford grew up in Jamaica with a passion for enjoying the beautiful outdoors, playing in the clean ocean waters, breathing the fresh clean air, and “a need to always go faster.” 

Fast forward fifty years and you have an International Champion and World Record Holder in motorsport power boat racing and a very successful chemical engineering firm that is significantly changing the health and well-being of the world in which we live.

The International Eco Fuels Corporation is a chemical nanotechnology company, specializing in developing eco-friendly, organic and biodegradable additives, lubricants and cleaners that perform optimally in the harshest of environments.

We recognize the needs of our customers and believe in being responsible stewards of our environment, hence our commitment to delivering products that are superior in quality and proven to make a positive difference in our world’s environs and in people’s health and well-being.


  • Growing Markets:  We continue to grow sales year after year, along with our global customer base, by increasing our digital and social media marketing and by directly exposing our ecologically advanced solutions to governmental department leaders and new OEMs that are seeking proven technology solutions that will cure the global epidemic of health, climate and environmental degradation that has been plaguing the world for the last fifty years.
  • Developing Strategic Partnerships: Through engineering excellence and product efficacy, we attract new technology companies that want to be a part of our growing Network Alliance of Sustainable Solutions Partnerships (“NASSP”).  These Partnerships in turn allows us to offer our customers revolutionary new eco-friendly sustainable solutions that are more comprehensive, all-inclusive and effective, i.e. Total Sustainable Solutions.
  • Making a Significant Environmental Impact: As leaders in product efficiency, reliability and safety, we value environmental integrity and stewardship, and are committed to significantly reducing carbon emissions, global pollutants and hazardous chemicals from our air, oceans, waterways, and food supplies, while restoring our earth’s ecological balance and environs before permanent and irreplaceable damage occurs.  


International Eco Fuels, Inc. is committed to delivering: