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Eco-Proven is 100% biodegradable & 100% guaranteed

Already in the hands of hundreds industrial and commercial companies, municipalities and governments around the world, Eco-Proven costs less than your petroleum based cleaners and solvents, leaves no residue, and is twice as effective as any product in the market today.  Cleaning made simple with IEF’s proprietary nanotechnology; add water, apply, and see the results whether it be oil spills, graffiti, waste and bacteria cleanup, food processing, and or sanitation.  

All major industrial cleaner companies claim that water cannot clean up petroleum spills, waste and residue (because all other cleaners are petroleum based), but Eco-Proven knows different. The U.S. Navy has approved Eco-Proven as its industrial cleaner because it is the only 100% biodegradable solution they can be used on their ships at sea and in dock without polluting the ocean environment around them.

Eco-Proven has a customer base that includes the U.S. Government, U.S. Military, Mexico, Panama, Nigeria, China, and industrial giants such as Boeing,  Greyhound, and Hughes Aircraft.  Once you have used it you will enjoy knowing you eliminated hazardous waste and filth from the planet while being a good steward of the environment and your wallet.  Together we can continue to make a difference.